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Public School IT Management

We work closely with our sister firm, Excalibur Personnel, who assists us in the ability to thoroughly understand all  the needs and challenges that public schools face. When you choose to use the excellent IT management services that ITMG can bring to the table, you are choosing to manage your district’s technology in many various areas, such as saving you money when it comes to labor and retirement costs. We also recognize that sometimes there is a need to bring in other consultants in order to supplement your staff, and will make these decisions when considered appropriate and necessary.

Since our intent here at I.T. Management Group is to present your public school system with the most productive I.T. management technology possible, you are able to refocus your concentration into other areas that can help make your particular public school the very best it can be!

Why you should feel confident about using our IT management services:

  • Because we’re experts when it comes to the leading technologies that are currently available! Since we specialize in the I.T. management field, we know how to examine your public school system for any I.T.-related issues, and then deal with them in the most proficient way possible.
  • Because we make it a priority to establish relationships with leading vendors, partners, and even a few competitors in order to make sure that we have all the access to all the resources essential to getting the job done right.
  • Because we know how to find/hire any and all of the top I.T. support specialists that are currently available, and as a result have the knowledge to work effectively in order to make sure the job is done right.

We believe that it’s extremely important to work closely with you in order to come up with a plan so that we are both on the same page. This will give you the assurance necessary to know that we are indeed putting you and your particular school system needs first.

We are also extremely confident in our ability to provide you with the quality of services you expect from a top leader in the IT management field. In fact, we will send your invoice to you at the beginning of the month but won’t expect payment  until the end of that month, which is completely dependent and based upon your full satisfaction.

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