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ITResQ: Comprehensive I.T. Audit

IT Management Group offers the ability to have your business analyzed via our assessment process, which is a great start to adding value to your particular business. The purpose? To thoroughly examine and carefully scrutinize your I.T. staffing and infrastructure, as well as goals and risks, so that you are able to take the appropriate action(s) that can lead to a reduction in your overall I.T. costs.

For a flat fee, our assessment will review:

  • IT Operations: We will review the regular operations and maintenance of the I.T. department, including:
    • Daily, weekly, and other routine tasks, including preventative maintenance
    • Procedures for common activities, such as provisioning a new PC or a new user account
    • Applications used throughout the enterprise, with appropriate reference information such as IT contact, functional owner, vendor support information, and licensing information
    • Infrastructure and network and documentation
    • Current support procedures
    • Monitoring and alerts
    • Level of documentation for all of the above
    • Recommendations for improvements/enhancements
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Recommendations (DRP): review of current business continuity/DR procedures that will result in:
    • Recommendations and options for improving the resiliency and recoverability of your IT infrastructure, with project plans and budgets.
  • Project Plans and Recommendations: Review current IT projects, recommend future projects, and provide realistic project plans and budgets based on your business objectives and provide:
    • Realistic project plans, including timelines and required resources
    • Urgency of the project to your I.T. infrastructure
    • Budgets for each project
    • Alternatives to primary project plan, if available and appropriate

For more details as well as a sample assessment, please Contact Us.

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