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What is “The Cloud”?

There is an awful lot of talk about “the cloud” in I.T. advertising these days but not much clarity about what is is and what it can do as it relates to enterprise computing. When thinking of enterprise computing, “the cloud” can be broken down into three broad areas: 1) Software as a...[...]

No Secrets in I.T.

Technology professionals are notorious for keeping information to themselves that should be institutionalized. Sometimes, this tendency is motivated be fear – maybe a technology professional knows he is under-qualified for his position and thinks that the less others know about what he does, the...[...]

How to Tell Your I.T. Manager Sucks

Many executives prefer not to think about their I.T. Departments. As long as the complaining about them isn’t too loud, why mess with it? Besides, these executives aren’t “techies” so how can they evaluate the personnel in I.T.? The truth is, there are a lot of terrible I.T. people out...[...]

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