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We are getting a lot of new business these days from companies switching to us from other I.T. service providers that I know to be good companies.

Of course, we don’t want to turn away business, but there are enough bad I.T. service providers that I don’t mind sharing how to fix your relationship with a good I.T. company.

It is important to know that all decent service providers are very busy right now. The improved economy has finally trickled down to companies investing in their technology infrastructure again. On top of that, the I.T. labor market is very tight – almost frothy. Most good technology professionals could get a higher paying job within a month without having to relocate. Because of these two factors, many I.T providers are struggling to keep up.

Here are a few items to consider when trying to get better service from your current I.T. company:

  • Are you paying them enough? If you are a long time client, you might be benefitting from pricing that was appropriate in the bad old days. Your provider’s new clients could be coming on board at a higher rate.
  • Is the pricing arrangement appropriate? Perhaps you are on a bare-bones maintenance arrangement because that is what made sense a few years ago. But today, you are adding staff, upgrading PCs and servers, and trying to integrate the latest cool smartphone app into your business processes.


  • Have you been explicit with them about your changing needs? It may not be obvious to your I.T. service provider that your business is is growing and your needs changing. They may have you in a very good, stable place from a technology standpoint and not be looking for opportunities to change the way they serve you.


  • Are you meeting with the regularly? Now that your business is growing and needs evolving, it is important to meet regularly to discuss what needs to be done, what they are concerned about, and how you see your technology needs changing in the medium term. We have found that we meet with our happiest clients at least twice a month.


If you can answer yes to each of these but still aren’t getting the service your business needs, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss if we can help you.


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