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Dynalectric of Ohio (Dyna)

Situation: The subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company, Dynalectric of Ohio (Dyna) needed to maintain cost effective and professional standards in its IT department. Previously staffed by a full-time IT technician who remained on-site, Dyna made the decision to outsource its IT needs.

Resolution: Dyna’s IT services were turned over to The I.T. Management Group. The I.T. Management Group took immediate action to hone department productivity, and designed an important system to track Dyna’s tools and assets in the field. This custom designed system saved Dyna $15,000, because they did not have to purchase the existing industry-standard system. Since The I.T. Management Group is local and provides on-site services, Dyna was able to free itself and focus more on important revenue generating factors in their business.

Today: Overall, Dyna has seen a 28% drop in total IT costs. Due to the computer-asset inventory process, as well as a network access paper trail implemented by The I.T. Management Group, Dyna now experiences excellent results from its IT audits.

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