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A Non-Profit Organization

Situation: Lack of quality service from part-time IT support staff led a large non-profit organization in the Midwest to the drawing board with The I.T. Management Group. The organization was dedicated to channeling as much money as possible to their primary mission, and was hesitant about spending excessive dollars on operational expenses.

Resolution: The I.T. Management Group evaluated the needs and expenses of the non-profit organization. A more effective IT plan was implemented which helped to stabilize the technical infrastructure within. The organization saved $650 monthly in web hosting fees by applying The I.T. Management Group’s new website design and recommendation for a new web host. Leaders inside the organization found themselves more capable of focusing energy on the goals of the primary mission.

Today: The I.T. Management Group continues to work both on-site and remotely in order to support the technology needs of the organization. Project management as well as maintenance of equipment are the primary services The I.T. Management Group provides to the organization.

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