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Case Studies

Below are case studies outlining the value that our clients have received from our I.T. Management and I.T. Support services.

A Non-Profit Organization

Situation: Lack of quality service from part-time IT support staff led a large non-profit organization in the Midwest to the drawing board with The I.T. Management Group. The organization was dedicated to channeling as much money as possible to their primary mission, and was hesitant about spending...

Dynalectric of Ohio (Dyna)

Situation: The subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company, Dynalectric of Ohio (Dyna) needed to maintain cost effective and professional standards in its IT department. Previously staffed by a full-time IT technician who remained on-site, Dyna made the decision to outsource its IT needs. Resolution:...

Baron Drawn Steel

Situation: A declining economy led a cold-finished bar processing, Baron Drawn Steel, into a search for more ways to save dollars. The company was heavily dependent on their IT department to keep business flowing smoothly; they never considered cuts in that area as a possible solution. Resolution:...

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