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Are Your Servers Still In Your Coat Closet?

server closet cable messEvery time we visit a prospect, they apologize for the state of their server room/server closet. Every single time. Sometimes they really should apologize. Sometime they should be proud. But for some reason, people feel vulnerable showing us their server infrastructure.

What does yours look like? There are a few elements that are must haves:

  1. Consistent power: you should have un-interruptable power supplies powering your server and network infrastructure.
  2. No water: That sprinkler head right above your servers? – bad idea. If the system goes off for any reason, your servers may not recover.
  3. Temperature Control: This can be as crude as a propped-open door and industrial fan. I’m sure you can do better, but as long as the temperature stays in the low 60s or low 70s, you’ll be fine.

Here are the nice-to-haves:

  1. Somewhat neat wiring: Fastidious wiring is actually unproductive, but your wiring should be generally organized and labelled.
  2. Labels: You’d be amazed at the number of times we can’t figure out which server is which in a server room until we load or eject DVDs.
  3. A KVM (keyboard-vide-mouse) switch.

The best server room configuration is one that doesn’t exist. We are big fans of getting your server infrastructure into a data center. It is the only disaster recovery plan that allows us to sleep at night.

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