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IT Management Group was founded in 2003 with a goal of reducing our clients I.T. expenditures while at the same time improving the quality of service in their I.T. Department. All of our I.T. Managers are highly-skilled business people who completely understand the world of technology so they are able to come up with the most creative and original ways to help your company reach that level of productivity that you envision for your company.

We are experienced in everything from PC roll-outs to writing/implementing Enterprise Planning Systems, and draw on years of experience so that we are able to work with you in order to create the best and most strategic plans for your business. Once this first stage is completed, we will utilize our resources so that we can make this plan come to its full realization – by managing I.T. vendors, identifying and mitigating risks, managing various projects, implementing new technologies, and even resolving any help-desk issues.

We completely outsource your I.T. Management and Services, so that you are able to receive the best of the best when it comes to each individual component of implementing your specialized and individualized plan.

We are located in Troy, Michigan (Metro Detroit area), so if you’re in the neighborhood feel free to stop by!

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